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Nulogy Co-founder Urges Co-Packers: Modernize Today


In “Co-Packers: Modernize Today,” penned by Nulogy COO and Co-founder, Kevin Wong for Industry Today, he emphasizes the imperative for contract packagers and manufacturers, and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to embrace technological advancements in the face of relentless uncertainties within the supply chain landscape. Geopolitical tensions, e-commerce proliferation, and evolving ESG demands compound the challenges these entities confront. Wong asserts the inadequacy of traditional approaches in navigating contemporary disruptions, advocating instead for dynamic solutions that mirror the pace of shifting customer needs.

Highlighting the significance of modern technology, Wong delineates the critical role it plays in enhancing the agility and responsiveness of contract suppliers. Unlike outdated methods reliant on spreadsheets, purpose-built software provides a competitive edge, facilitating real-time data tracking across operational facets such as inventory management, production planning, and customer relationships.

In a market characterized by volatility and intense competition, Wong underscores the adoption of dynamic technological solutions as indispensable for sustained success. By investing in technology that amplifies existing workflows and resources, co-packers, contract manufacturers, and 3PLs can bolster agility, visibility, and responsiveness, thereby thriving amidst uncertainty and securing long-term viability in the ever-changing landscape of supply chain dynamics.

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