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Nulogy Business Continuity Plan for COVID-19


Nulogy Business Continuity Plan for COVID-19

March 16, 2020—The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to have a significant impact on businesses and personal lives around the world. Nulogy takes the health and safety of its employees and the criticality of the services we provide to our customers very seriously and therefore would like to provide you with an update on Nulogy’s business continuity plans at this time.

Nulogy has implemented the following policies as a result of the current situation:

1. Nulogy employees are of course essential to business continuity. Nulogy offices have temporarily closed to visitors and employees are enabled and encouraged to work from remote/home locations. All employees continue to be available to support our customers whether working remotely or at our offices.

2. Further, employees have been educated on the symptoms of acute respiratory illness, proper hygiene and hand washing techniques. Employees have been instructed to quarantine themselves for 14 days if they:

a)  Have traveled to any of the areas identified as a COVID-19 risk area by the CDC;
b)  Have been in close physical contact with someone who has traveled to a risk area, or has been advised by authorities that they may have had such contact; or
c)  Show signs or experience symptoms related to COVID-19. In this case, employees are requested to follow the guidance of a healthcare professional for treatment and to notify the appropriate parties, including Nulogy.

3. Nulogy has eliminated all non-essential business travel until the risk of travel is reduced to an appropriate level. All reasonable efforts will be made to find alternative ways of continuing business progress without travel, for example with video conferencing.

4. For Nulogy customers with active projects, we will be in touch to understand your own business continuity plans and work together to determine a plan going forward.

5. All of Nulogy’s platform operations are hosted in the cloud. Maintenance and monitoring of the Nulogy platform is performed remotely so we do not anticipate any disruption in the availability of the platform. Nonetheless, our key service providers are taking steps to ensure service will continue unimpeded should their operations be impacted by employees becoming ill or quarantined. In particular, our software solution is hosted at Amazon Web Services who have a robust Business Continuity Plan in place.

We are confident that we are prepared for the current COVID-19 situation. We believe that these policies provide adequate safety and business continuity and preserve the ability to provide our products and services to customers. Nulogy will continue to monitor authoritative sources of information on COVID-19 and make adjustments to our policies accordingly.

It is very important that our customers know that they can rely upon Nulogy’s service at all times, not least during extraordinary times like these.

Kevin Wong