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Nulogy’s Latest Platform Enhancements Promote Agility in Late-Stage Customization


Nulogy’s Latest Platform Enhancements Promote Agility in Late-Stage Customization

Toronto, ON—August 8, 2018—Nulogy, a leading provider of agile supply chain solutions, delivers new platform capabilities that empower consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies and their external supplier networks to accelerate product customization for an increasingly complex consumer market. Contract packaging service providers and their brand customers can now benefit from meaningful performance and profitability insights across production sites, improved user controls and security, and an enhanced user interface.

“Volatility in the retail environment and changes in consumer preferences are driving the need to innovate,” said Kevin Wong, COO at Nulogy. “To help accelerate this innovation, we have introduced new functionality in Nulogy’s Agile Customization platform that enhances the user experience, provides tighter and more configurable controls, and improves the ability to compare and benchmark performance across sites, all of which enables our customers to accelerate time-to-market while reducing costs and waste.”

New capabilities within Nulogy’s Agile Customization Platform include:

Deeper Insights on Performance & Profitability

Nulogy’s PackManager now allows customers to track and report on operational performance and profitability across and within different service types, such as shrink wrapping, blister packaging, and floor displays. Strategic suppliers who provide multiple service types for customers will be able to analyse data by service categories to gain meaningful, actionable insights on specific types of work. Users will be able to conduct root cause analysis of production performance and profitability for those categories, and benchmark those metrics against historical performance which can be especially valuable in larger multi-site operations where consistency and standardization can be difficult to maintain.

Improved Security and Controls

Nulogy’s PackManager now features more robust controls for managing access to sensitive data and critical system activities, giving Administrative users more granular control over permissions. This improved ability to customize permissions within the system helps promote data accuracy and enforce processes, ultimately saving users from the pains of manual error.

Enhanced User Experience

Nulogy’s Enhanced Quality Solution now offers a more synchronized user experience for team members on the shop floor and top floor. User interface enhancements within QCloud improve the navigation experience on mobile devices and streamlines navigation between mobile and desktop interfaces so that on-the-go users can log in from anywhere to access critical quality assurance capabilities.

“Nulogy’s culture of continual product improvement ensures that its platform is adapting to the changing contract packaging environment,” remarked James Houghton, CEO at Nova Pack. “The platform allows us to provide a better solution to our clients while helping us manage costs and reduce waste. It’s a win for our clients—which is a win for us.”

About Nulogy

Nulogy’s cloud-based Agile Customization Platform allows consumer brands to respond with ease and speed to a volatile and complex retail and consumer environment. Designed to optimize end-to-end contract packaging operations, and enhance collaboration between consumer goods companies and their contract packaging service providers, the Nulogy solution leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to drive continuous improvement in the digital supply chain. By eliminating friction and bottlenecks in late-stage customization, Nulogy allows CPGs and their partners to unleash innovation in the consumer products value chain and accelerate brand growth. The platform drives out waste on a global scale, reducing costs, improving product quality and safety and ensuring a more sustainable supply chain. Nulogy is headquartered in Toronto. Visit Nulogy online at

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