• Enhanced Quality

  • Nulogy’s Enhanced Quality solution provides capabilities needed to ensure conformance to regulatory requirements within regulated and quality-driven environments.

  • Audit Trails ensure full traceability

    · Audit the creation, modification, and deletion of regulated electronic records and other high-risk activities

    · Trace user activity for Item Masters, Production, Rejects, Reconciliations, Project Overview, Shipments, Inventory Adjustments, Dequarantines and Receipts

  • Electronic Signatures provide effective controls

    · Save time, money, and errors by electronically tracking approvals required for mission-critical activities

    · Control the approval and reviews of Item Master creation or modification, Reconciliations, and Project Overview information

  • Electronic Batch Records reduce errors, improve RTFT%

    · Enable quick and easy batch release, reducing the time it takes to complete quality processes and providing proof of proper handling of each batch of a drug product

    · Eliminate preventable errors and improve batch RTFT% (right the first time percentage)

    · Electronic batch records include: Production Records, Reconciliations, Quality Inspections, Item Specifications, Personnel and Training

  • Digital Quality Checks seamlessly integrate quality control processes with your production environment

    · Digitization of quality inspections

    · Auto-population of production data into your quality inspection to improve data integrity

    · Enforceable inspection checkpoints to eliminate shortcuts and workarounds

    · Audit trails on quality inspections

    · Electronic signatures for submission and review of quality inspections

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