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Knowledge In Action

When you join Nulogy’s Perfect Order Network, you gain access to the industry’s most agile solutions for perfect order execution, and network-wide standards to better navigate complexity in the last-mile.

Stage 1: Business Process Mapping

We kick off the implementation process with an on-site visit by our team of experts in workflow design. Our team will work with yours to conduct an end-to-end “Quote to Ship” audit of your critical operational workflows, and help you optimize those workflows to leverage industry best practices.



Site Assessment

Mapping your plant process from “Quote-to-Ship” so there is a clear understanding of each component and how it works with others.


Workflow Optimization

Developing a customized workflow that guarantees your operating procedures are aligned with industry best practice


Demo Site

Building a customized demo site and creating a preliminary set of SOPs that will be the day-to-day blueprint for your operations.

Stage 2: Pre Go-Live

Our team continues to work remotely with your stakeholders to migrate operational data into PackManager and build Standard Operating Procedures for your team, and to create a custom training program for your staff, and a demo environment to test workflows and functionality.



Demo Environment

A demo environment in which you can explore the solution without disrupting normal, everyday business operations.



SOPs that have been tailored and tested so that they meet your business needs perfectly.


Super-User Training

Training that ensures your key team members can confidently use the system for optimum results.


Data Preparation

All data preparation and migration so the transition from legacy system to new is as seamless as possible.

Stage 3: Go-Live

On the day of the go-live, our team returns to your facility to assist you with all the finishing touches before the live implementation. Our objective is to ensure that the system is setup to support your live operations as soon as we turn it on.



Game Day

A PS team dedicated to putting your game plan into action arrives on site to engage with you and your team on implementation.


Hands-on Coaching

Your team receive all the hands-on coaching needed to confidently manage day-to-day workflows within the new system


Final Touches

Final touches are completed, including system set-up modifications and data migration to ensure you’re ready to go.


PackManager is helping us to add features that were not available in our previous software, automating processes and increasing efficiency. We’re using the system to streamline our processes and gain more accurate real-time operational information.

Gunther Huettlin
President of GH Manufacturing

Our Professional Services Team is just part of our commitment to providing the best possible service.