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At Nulogy, we power contract packaging innovation with our solutions. We’re looking for smart and motivated people who work amazingly in teams to join us in this journey. This could be the beginning of something special.

Why Nulogy?

If you want to work for a “me-too” company or one that is complacent with its success, then you might be happier elsewhere. But if you want to challenge yourself by solving really difficult problems at a runaway industry leader, then you may find your place here at Nulogy.


You will make an impact on the world

The hardest problems to solve are the ones which have the most value. Nulogy is already redefining the way the most influential global brands bring their products to market. Every hour, our software adjusts the paths of millions of products on their way to consumers like you. By joining Nulogy you will make real global impact through a disruptive company that is transforming the consumer world.

You will be at your best

At the most elite companies, the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts. At Nulogy, you will work with people that help you do your best work. It’s not enough to be super smart to work here, you have to be able to thrive in a team environment and elevate the people around you too. Once you work in an environment like this, you won’t be happy with anything else.



You will be immersed in a culture of learning

Nulogy prides itself on being a learning organization. To get from four people working in a living room to being an award-winning company with some of the world’s largest companies rolling out your software in eight different time-zones requires continuous reinvention and learning. You will learn a lot here, and you’ll never be done.

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Life at Nulogy

You will join a company that is committed to your engagement. Any organization can buy food for employees and hire them a masseuse. Very few organizations succeed at creating a work environment that has the characteristics that truly inspire engagement. Here is what Nulogy believes really makes a job great:



You should be given trust, freedom, and real-time feedback.



You should have the opportunity to become an expert, and then stretch yourself some more.



You should have intrinsic motivation that aligns with your work and our journey together.



You need to know and understand the big picture and have the ability to influence it.



We actively seek out your feelings and opinions, listen to you, and try to understand you.



It’s about the journey, not just the destination.

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Of course, we have also developed a suite of benefits based on a survey of the priorities of our employees. Here are some of the most popular benefits:


Pick Your Gear

You need your tools and we let you pick your own. We also give you the freedom to tailor your own workspace to whatever you need to find your groove in the office. 


Unlimited Vacation

Truly believing in a results-oriented, high-trust environment means you are in charge of your own vacation. Take as much as you want, your results are your results.


Group Benefits

Full benefits for you and your family including health, dental (and yes, up to $1000 worth of massages per year if you want).


Hack Days

We foster our culture of learning and continuous improvement with monthly hack days where everyone can tinker and scratch that itch of curiosity with some free snacks and beer.


Parental Leave

We love families and support them like they support you with a best-in-class parental plan. We cover 100% top-up for 13 weeks for any parent of biological or adopted children. You will also receive $750 toward any extra help to make your family life easier.


Fun Days

We take regular “fun days” off to do something social together, whether it be a trip to Wonderland, a scavenger hunt around the city, or volunteering at the food bank. Our annual holiday party is always a blast, and includes your plus one and kids too!


Stock Options

You will have the opportunity to own a part of Nulogy so everyone shares in success, and you have direct control over the growth of your equity.


Nulogy Birthday

Every month, we gather to celebrate the accomplishments of Nulogites on their anniversary month. Everyone gets together and gives thanks for your great work and shares some of their favourite things about you — whether you like it or not!


Free Snacks and Drinks

We bring in free drinks, Kicking Horse coffee (we grind it ourselves), organic fruit, and snacks to keep you hydrated and the munchies at bay.


Collaborative Culture

From sprawling whiteboards, to Nulogites buddying-up next to each other for pair programming, you’ll quickly see that our working styles reflect our collaborative spirit. We all share the same open office space, because collaboration is easier when there are no walls to knock down.


Corporate Gym Membership

Nulogy provides a discounted gym membership with towel service at Goodlife which you can use in the brand new gym on the second floor of our building. Want to shower and change after biking to work? No problem.


Monthly Townhall

We value bringing everyone together for conversation and transparency. Through our monthly “all hands on deck” mind melds, we discuss the highs and lows of the past month, talk about our corporate goals, and open up the floor for everyone to share the important things that are on their minds.

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Job Openings

Client Services

Systems Integration Designer

Full time

As a Systems Integration Designer, you will bear the responsibility of building, maintaining and modifying these connections; through internal projects, external projects and a variety of technologies, your passion for technical challenges and problems will be a great fit for our fast paced, multifaceted approach. If you’re passionate about acquiring knowledge and enjoy using a multifaceted approach to problems, this Integrations Systems Designer role would be a great fit for you.


  • Assisting in gathering customer requirements for integration points
  • Understanding customer business processes, software system
and their relationships
  • Developing and documenting new integration maps for various formats such as XML and EDI X12
  • Developing standardized mapping documents
  • Working with technical support to update and maintain existing maps
  • Troubleshooting mapping and document errors
  • Setting up and troubleshooting B2Bi connections
  • Conducting connectivity testing between Nulogy and customers systems
  • Supporting customer unit testing


  • Understands the concept of providing an excellent customer experience
  • Be eager to build a strong rapport with our customers and their employees
  • Be friendly, empathetic, patient and personable even under stressful circumstances
  • Have outstanding written and verbal communication skills


  • Strong technical, software and internet experience
  • Coding experience with a solid foundation in XML
  • EDI X12 knowledge is an asset

Professional Services Consultant

Full time

Your Mission

In this role you will be a member of one of the fastest growing teams at Nulogy. In this position, you will be responsible for 80% of the interactions Nulogy has with its customers, and with a tradition of exceptional customer satisfaction, this will make your role extremely important in our service‐oriented company.

Job Purpose
To gain a rounded knowledge of the Professional Services team within two years of starting in the position. To have thorough understanding of, and experience within the customer implementation process, with the ability to complete all functions of this process to a high level of quality, effectiveness and efficiency.

Job Responsibilities

  • Facilitate on-site Business Process Mapping (BPM) sessions with our customers and collect information that will guide the development of Workflows and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and aid our Senior Professional Services Consultants in scoping of Integrations requirements
  • Project manage our implementation projects including BPM, Go-Live, Consulting (General & Check Up), and Integrations
  • Train and mentor customer shop floor, front office and management users in the use of our services
  • Manage customer expectations effectively with a focus on project success
  • Identify risks and mitigate effectively, with support from colleagues as required
  • Assist our customers with data migration activities related to a go-live
  • Identify and action internal & customer-facing continuous improvement opportunities
  • Buddy up with Nu-Borns and guide them through a successful onboarding

About You

  • Enjoy meeting, learning about, and interacting with new people
  • Be eager to build lasting relationships with our customers and their employees
  • Be friendly, empathetic, and personable even under stressful circumstances
  • Be able to be persuasive and manage customer expectations
  • Be open to travelling on a regular basis, and performing some work after hours or on weekends
  • Have outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Show a strong ability to solve problems creatively, and systematically
  • Demonstrate great attention to detail, and be an organized thinker
  • Deftly and diplomatically navigate complex interpersonal dynamics

Nice To Have

  • Knowledge of relational databases, SQL, Microsoft Excel
  • Experience in supply‐chain, EDI, logistics, manufacturing or packaging


Full Stack UX Designer

Full time

Your Mission

In this role you will solve business problems for customers with elegant, thoughtful design – all day, every day. And love it!

Job Responsibilities

As a Full Stack UX Designer at Nulogy, you will join a talented team of individuals who design superlative products, interfaces, and experiences for users facing complex business problems and workflows.

If you just want to do one simple thing like design an(other) messaging or mobile content platform, this job is not for you.

If you want to be the first person to solve a continuous stream of real world business problems, and maybe get your name on a patent or two in the process, then this is for you.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design product solutions that are functional, reliable, usable, and even pleasurable to use
  • Identify, analyse, and communicate user, business, and user experience requirements
  • Perform root cause analysis of problems
  • Perform interaction design by working collaboratively with customers, subject matter experts, designers and software/quality engineers
  • Create and communicate with design artifacts such as success criteria, workflows, domain models, story maps, sketches and wireframes
  • Lead project scheduling and work estimation meetings
  • Ensure your work and the work of others is done on time


  • 2-5 years of experience in some aspect of product/UX design
  • Experience working in a technology company environment, preferably software
  • Have a proven track record for solving complex problems
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills

Motivations and Interests

  • Have a knack for seeing things from the perspective of others
  • Demonstrated passion for product design and quality
  • Want to focus on mastering your product design craft for the next 2+ years

Nice to Have

  • Personal creative or tech projects
  • Ability to develop in HTML and CSS

Programming and Development

Agile Tester

Full time

Your Mission
Nulogy needs a thoughtful tester with a desire to explore and experiment, someone who loves the challenge of constructively demolishing everything they touch, especially our testing processes! We want someone who’s not afraid of asking stupid questions on behalf of bad data as early as possible. Someone comfortable in the parallel universes and time-travel presented by weird states, and who’s able to communicate all that weirdness clearly and concisely. What we’re not looking for is someone who’s happy to ‘throw bugs over the wall’, or who wants to do the same thing, the same way, day in and out.

Job Responsibilities

You’re going to be a member of Nulogy’s small dedicated manual testing team. A big part of your day will be spent in our web apps, designing realistic and meaningful test cases as you execute them. You’re also going to provide input for features before they’re even implemented, collaborating with designers, developers and client services, asking important questions whenever you can find the opportunity.

Required experience

  • Experience creating or criticizing software with a team
  • Experience using some lightweight testing tools (tailing logs, browser developer tools, note taking, general office suite software)
  • Experience being an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, or a team leader
  • Awesome verbal and written communication skills: You’re going to be talking more than typing bug reports


  • Opinionated yet humble
  • While using software, able to take foolish actions because of genius reasoning
  • With people, able to be open and empathetic while remaining constructively critical
  • As much a teacher as an autodidact

Nice to Have

  • A handful of years of software testing
  • Experience working in Agile
  • Working knowledge of / experience in the supply chain industry
  • Working knowledge of Rails, Ruby, SQL, JS, Linux, iOS
  • Post-secondary certification in a CS or IT discipline

Devops / Infrastructure Administrator

Full time


At Nulogy, we power contract packaging innovation with our solutions. We’re looking for smart and motivated people who work amazingly in teams to join us in this journey. This could be the beginning of something special.

Your Mission

Nulogy is looking for systems administrators that are a combination of the following roles: detective, firefighter and toolmaker.

  • As a detective, you will identify and evaluate technical issues from a problem management perspective.
  • As a firefighter, you will troubleshoot and solve any issues that customers identify from an incident management perspective.
  • As a toolmaker, you will establish, maintain, and coordinate any scripts or tools and the accompanying processes that are used for our internal and production systems.

Overall, you will be part of our Infrastructure team, responsible for ensuring that applications run smoothly from both the infrastructure side as well as from the customer’s perspective.

Job Purpose

As a Systems Administrator at Nulogy, you will join a talented team of individuals who are responsible for the continuous availability and continuous improvement of our server side IT.

You'll be a compassionate hero to our Marketing, Product, Sales, Customer Success and Professional Services teams.
Every day you'll learn new devops tools and gain sysadmin wisdom and experience. Your expertise and care will represent a part of Nulogy’s value proposition to our customers.

Job Responsibilities

As an Infrastructure Systems Administrator, specific duties will include but are not limited to the following:

  • Report to the Director of Information Technology.
  • Develop preventive maintenance procedures to avoid system failures.
  • Set user access rights and permissions and manage accounts for users
  • Execute onboarding and offboarding processes with due care to security considerations
  • Take regular backups of server files and maintain disaster recovery operations.
  • Perform data center and network related tasks as assigned by Supervisor
  • Provide job trainings to new hires and to our Desktop IT team as needed.
  • Provide assistance to other Desktop and Infrastructure Administrators when requested.
  • Perform failure analysis and determine corrective action plans. Use your analytical skills to dissect code, server logs and other metrics to provide problem-solving services to resolve issues as they arrive in an incident queue.
  • Plan and execute allotted work within deadlines and maintain records of daily tasks.
  • Maintain accurate documentations for system installations, configurations, upgrades and disaster recovery activities.
  • Oversee the management and renewal of our domain name assets
  • Create tests, perform quality control, and generate ideas for tools to improve productivity and performance of your team and others
  • Develop devops recipes and scripts in Chef, Ruby and other languages to automate deployments
  • Attend conferences to expand our teams’ knowledge
  • Participate in a 24x7 oncall rotation


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology, or a post-secondary diploma in Systems Administration or Computer Programming, or equivalent experience.
  • Please note that we require all Systems Administrators to pass a criminal record check, and to possess their own cell phone.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Have a proven track record for solving complex problems
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent time management skills (planning & organizing)
  • A team player with excellent multi-tasking abilities and a proven track record for meeting strict deadlines


  • 5+ years of experience using Linux
  • 5+ years: Experience with IT operations and systems support
  • 2+ years: Infrastructure platforms (Amazon Web Services, Heroku, Docker)
  • 2+ years: Configuration management tools (Chef, Puppet, Ansible)
  • 2+ years: Application server administration experience (nginx, unicorn, monit)
  • 2+ years: Monitoring: (NewRelic, Nagios, Nagiosql, Cacti, Sensu)
  • Experience using data storage and queues: (PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ)
  • Experience using continuous integration tools (Jenkins)

Nice to Have

  • Experience securing applications with cryptography for information transit and storage
  • A Github with interesting projects on it

Motivations & Interests

  • Have a knack for seeing things from the perspective of others
  • Aligned with our motto: “It’s not just business, it’s personal.”

Personal Characteristics

  • Amazing customer service attitude - you must love helping people
  • Strong technical aptitude- Nulogy’s products help our customers solve complex supply chain problems and you will be our customers’ trusted technology advisor
  • Detail-oriented - you enjoy learning Nulogy’s products in great depth so that you can in turn help our customers use our products to solve problems
  • Self motivated - you like autonomy and work well under pressure
  • Business acumen - you love working with customers to drive value creation for our customers and for Nulogy

Full Stack Web Developer

Full time

Your Mission
Build high quality software that allows Nulogy to become the platform for personalized products.

Job Responsibilities
As a Full Stack Web Developer at Nulogy, you will be working collaboratively to translate messy real-world problems into scalable software. Your teammates will work with you in an agile environment while practising XP, and together you will be applying creativity and pragmatism to an endless assortment of domain and technical challenges! We believe in autonomous, self-managing teams where leadership is a shared responsibility as much as possible.

(We work with Ruby on Rails in the backend and Javascript in the front, but are open to hearing from developers who have experience with different languages and frameworks.)

Required experience:

  • Full stack web development
  • Domain modelling
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience with or strong willingness to utilize TDD (Test Driven Development)
  • Experience with or strong desire for working in a pair programming environment

Nice to have:

  • Ruby, Javascript
  • Rails, React
  •  PostgreSQL
  • Development on a multi-tenant SaaS application

About you:

  • You have demonstrated personal growth as a web developer through: continued learning, side projects, open source contributions, community involvement, or equivalent projects.
  • You see the value of high quality, scalable code, and are not interested in shipping something unless you feel proud of it.
  •  You have passion or a desire to lead in some area: e.g. Architecture, UI/UX, people, etc.
  • You are interested solving problems with others more than you are working on problems alone.

Why Nulogy: 

  • You will become a better developer because of our learning culture. We diffuse knowledge through pair programming, host regular hack days, and prioritize writing clean code.
  •  It’s not just business it’s personal -- the company was founded by 4 friends who wanted to work at a place they loved. We imbed this notion into the culture through unlimited vacation, regularly inviting family to company events, and having lots of fun as a team.
  •  We’re solving problems that no one has been able to solve before, it’s an opportunity to join a team that is transforming the way that supply chains are structured.

Nulogy embraces diversity, and we recognize the need for teams that represent a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be. We encourage everyone to apply.