Profitable Partnerships in the Modern Supply Chain

“By 2020, less than 20% of multinational organizations will continue to plan and adopt an ERP strategy based on a single-instance megasuite.” – Gartner

Over the course of the past few weeks, we’ve gone from the 30,000 ft level, down to the nitty-gritty day-to-day of how the operational gaps left by on-premises ERP systems are being filled, and overall operations improved through complementary SaaS specialist solutions.

Specific supply chain firms to benefit are 3PLs and Contract packagers looking to scale assembly, kitting, WIP labor, and inventory management services. These firms are winning market share by shifting to hybrid reality scenarios. Suppliers who recognizing that ERP and specialist SaaS solutions work together, to enable the bimodal capabilities, can gain an advantage over their competition by being agile and respond to their customer’s needs. In a market as volatile and fragmented as product customization, this kind of innovation is essential to longevity and growth.

Product customization providers with bimodal capabilities will excel at driving and delivering mutually beneficial business changes that are secure, stable and reliable. Being able to provide a consistent and iterative product amid risk and uncertainty allows their businesses to thrive. In return for this initiative, suppliers forge resilient relationships with brands by providing real-time collaboration, visibility, and control, while sharing best practices, cost savings, and continuous process improvements. This level of back-and-forth reciprocity is impossible with an ERP-only solution.

Leading last-mile logistics providers growing their businesses are those that can balance standardizing operations to produce guaranteed outcomes while having the agility to offer a greater variety of products and promotional tactics that the market demands.

Suppliers looking to future-proof their operations need to evaluate the gaps in their current technology and identify the areas and business functions which stand to gain the most from a specialized, domain-driven SaaS application. Once these suppliers learn to leverage purpose-built, specialized solutions to deliver cost-efficiencies, speed-to-market, risk mitigation, and continuous improvement, they will possess the key differentiator to winning or losing in this industry.

In an industry that is evolving as quickly as supply chain is today, it’s easy to get lost in the flood of technologies and solutions. We hope this series has been helpful in navigating one of the biggest areas of confusion around the different but complementary solutions provided by SaaS specialists and ERP generalists.

The entire Last-Mile Mastery blog series is also available to download as a free whitepaper below.

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Sep 21, 2017

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