Marsden Packaging is a single-site contract packaging company based in north west England. Marsden specializes in primary and secondary packaging for the food and pharmaceutical industries and have attained many accreditations and certifications including BRC Grade AA, MHRA CMP Compliance, and ISO 9001.



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Using Nulogy, Marsden is 50% more efficient at quality checks


As a relatively smaller co-pack operation, Marsden Packaging is laser-focused on running their operations as efficiently as possible in order to compete with much larger competitors. Previously, Marsden was running their operations using manual paper processes, which limited their operational efficiency and ability to grow their business due to:

    · The quality checks they were required to run every 30 minutes were several pages long and very time consuming for their quality supervisors

    · Track and trace processes for food audits were also extremely time-consuming, taking up to four hours to complete

    · Lack of data insights that could be used to identify the bottlenecks which were causing production delays

To enable us to compete with our much larger competitors, we have to offer industry leading levels of quality and service. Utilizing Nulogy’s software allows us to do this.”MICHAEL BRIGGS, PRESIDENT


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